Understand your web traffic
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Join the real-time analytics revolution,
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Real-time visitor tracking

Gain insights from your visitors that can only come from watching them interact with your website live. It’s surprisingly addictive!

Powerful historical analytics

Observe key trends and aggregate your website’s traffic data using customizable date ranges. It’s as simple as it is powerful!

Best-in-class support

Don’t be surprised if you get a response to your late-night support request within minutes — from our owner. We are compulsive helpers.

Stunning visual interface

Our simple-yet-imaginative interface is fully buzzword compliant, making extensive use of new web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and AJAX.

Why this changes everything:

Ask any shopkeeper: there’s a certain kind of knowledge you gain from looking at your ledger at the end of the week, but it’s not even close to the full picture. To fully understand your business, there’s no substitute for simply watching your customers browse the shelves.

If you have a website, HowManyVisitors is both your ledger and a window onto your showroom floor, delivering powerful historical analytics and revolutionary real-time visitor tracking in one deceptively simple package. Consider the paradigm shifted.

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